Friday, July 16, 2010

My Edits {Fix it Friday}

It's Fix-it-Friday again at I Heart Faces!

I love this day because I love post processing with photos almost as much as I love taking them!

Here is the original photo...

It's totally cute without any help, but that's the fun of fix-it Friday, right?

And now for my versions of the photo...

I'm a huge fan of the dreamy, creamy tones, so I softened this photo up quite a bit using several actions from Paint the Moon.  Seriously, I love Annie for creating such beautiful actions!
First I used several actions from the Miracle Makeover set.  I used these to do some cleaning up of the skin and removing the bluish color tones (from being in the shade).
Then I used the peaches and cream action from the Summer Breeze set.  I am totally loving that action... I've been using it a lot lately!  I love the slightly vintage look it gives the photo without being too much.

This version isn't much different than the first.  It still has the vintage, retro look that I adore, but I ran Florabella's sweet vintage action with a few small tweaks.  Once again, I love the dreaminess about the vintage look, especially with the old metal chair that she's sitting in!

I heart fix-it Friday!

By the way... you guys would be so proud of know I've already had several people contact me for photos!  My calendar is booking up already!  I'm so excited I could just pop!


Alicia Jones

Love the second one!


love the actions and textures. the pictures look great!

i have been leaning towards getting photoshop. in a comment on my blog, i think you said you got a discount thru work (i'm jealous). what do you use...elements? lightroom? a version of CS...? thanks!

Ashley Sisk

This looks great - love the vintagy effect.

Betty Anne

I love what these 'actions' do to pictures. I checked out the site you mentioned and it looks like you need photoshop to use them -- I have been considering getting elements. Are these something that require a lot of steps or are they a simple 1-2 step process? I have been using Picnik -- which is very easy, but limited in how many things you can do. I would really appreciate it if you could explain how these work -- thanks a bunch : 0

My Photographic Eye by Irela

I the vintage, retro look. Very nice. (BTW-Thanks for stopping by). :)


I like the second one too. Very nice!


beautiful fixes...second one is my fav...but both lovely

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