Friday, July 16, 2010

Around Town {everyday beauty}

It seems like I've been looking at the world through my lens lately, so even the most common of places become beautiful photo opportunities!

Example 1:  Heading to McDonald's for an ice cream becomes...
a beautiful sunset/storm sky photo!

Example 2:  The trek back home from Walmart becomes...
just plain beautiful! (that's SOOC baby)

Yet another seemingly normal sight...
when looked at from a different perspective becomes extraordinary!

I love to photograph things/place that I see everyday and then find a picture that blows me away!  It really does remind me that I need to slow down a bit, look around, and enjoy the beauty that is around me on a daily basis.

I love my little town...


Ashley Sisk

This is beautiful Stephanie! I've got to step back and admire my own town sometime. Thanks for the reminder.


oh me can find beauty in the most common things when you're looking for it! Great post!

Tammy Lee Bradley

It is killing me that you are not in Picture Summer. You would have loved it. Make sure to sign up for Picture Fall!


I know... I was worried about finishing my master's and being able to give enough time for photos also.


what a cute town! love the shots...third one is my fav, beautiful colors


real simple and lovely.. How awesome is our creator! :)


absolutely stunning shots - you prove even the ordinary is beautiful

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