Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Photo Share

Dave and I are blessed to have such wonderful families, and we're lucky enough to live close by so we can spend fun days together all the time!

Morgan and I are ten years apart, but mom would say that we fight just like any other siblings...haha!  I'm the oldest, so I'm the one who always gets in trouble (I should know better)! :o)

Dave's cousin Lindsey was home for a few days from Kentucky, where she works at a university.  We spent the day with our moms and visited a few local wineries up on the gorgeous Mississippi River bluffs.  

Sister, sister! (Remember that show...)  Dave's momma and aunt Tracy always provide such great entertainment for us!

Notice my new watermark?  I made that today, and I really like it!!



Love them :) Morgan has changed so much!!

I have the photography bug BIG TIME!! I am going to order my new camera this weekend!!! YIPPY!! I took some great shots of Zoey today at the Zoo but I wish I would have had the new camera :) I think I might start another blog for my pictures that I take!

Miss ya, and I hope to see you guys soon!!!


hello blog friend! I have been taking a few days off of blogs and I have missed keeping up on here I am catching up! aw, this post makes me wish i lived closer to our family :( Looks like you all have fun together. haha, i do remember that show sister, sister! what a flashback :) lovely shots as always and LOVE your new watermark!

Tammy Lee Bradley

Love the watermark. Glad you were able to do it. Did you put it on in LR3?


Yup, I'm using a trial of LR3, but I'm loving it already!! :)

Betty Anne

Hi again -- I couldn't find an email address to contact you so I am doing it here. Thank you so much for your answer to my question about 'actions' -- it was very helpful.


Love the new watermark!! :)


We have a wonderful day with you guys!




Family - nothing beats time spent with them.

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