Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bye Bye Auntie Kady!

Tomorrow Dave's sister, Kady, is leaving to head back to college for her senior year.  We are all very sad because we will miss sweet Kady, but Ralphie and Ferdy are especially sad that their aunt is leaving!

"Auntie Kady turned me into an airplane!  She is fun!" -Ferdy Lerch

"I sit on Aunt Kady's lap, and she gives me belly rubs!" -Ralphie Lerch

"What... You're leaving???  But I'll miss you..." -Ferdy

Bye, bye Auntie Kady... We will ALL miss you!  

We love you lots and lots!



Oh, Steph....this made me "happy sad"! I am so thankful that you have taken up photography as a hobby and you are doing so well! I will miss Kady right along with Ralphie and Ferdy! We love you and David and are equally proud of all you are doing, too! I will need to be your assistant and maybe in September or October you can go with me to take pics of Kady and her friends during their senior year of college at their favorite places!


Great pictures :) I am sure that Ferdy & Ralphie will miss her tons...they have a lot of change coming in the next week!!


These are really great pictures! Kady has perfect eyes for photographing. I'm sure that Ferdy and Ralph will miss her, but she's going to come back and visit, right?


Fantastic photos!

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