Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Sunday Creative {Raw}


Being in a natural condition, not processed or refined
Not having been subjected to adjustment, treatment, or analysis

Raw classrooms...
Raw teachers...
Raw students...

Lots of raw going on at the beginning of school!




This photo actually gives me chills! The whole back to school thing is so emotional... even when I don't have kids going back and myself am not going back :)

Tammy Lee Bradley

Seriously Corinne. I can feel the teen angst just looking at this. LOL!

Ashley Sisk

This shot is not going to last long.


Looks so quiet, don't think it will be for long, soon there will be life!


enjoy that quiet :)

Clare B

Oh the angst of going back to school. I still get butterflies just thinking about it!


Lovely - a peaceful moment before it all begins

Maegan Beishline

Beautiful shot, Stephanie! And great interpretation!

Dorian Susan

What a unique way to present "raw". I used to teach and I hated setting up my classroom and the first week of school. Once week 2 rolled around it was all good. Time for fun and learning-no angst in my classroom.


raw emotions at the first of the school year too. this photo really has an amazing feel to it. great job. It should be blown up on a canvas and hung in schools. Very very cool. (I'd want one for my playroom and I'd give one to my sister who homeschools for their classroom. Really neat picture.


so true... great shot and great take on the prompt!

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