Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a Yellow House Challenge {On the Road}

On the Road
with the whole family




Ferd Man

Our little family loves to go on little road trips!  We've been taking more and more lately!

I love to look at the boys in my mirror while we drive... they are always SOOO excited and it makes me happy too!!

We take lots of rides to find cool places like this park with a 3 mile trail for walking!

Once we're there and we unload, it's walking time!  Notice how dad is so serious and walking Ralphie the right way (like the dog whisperer taught us)

Me... not so much!  I believe here I was saying ready, set, RUN!

Here lately with the heat we've had to take lots of breaks.  Ralphie is all black and gets hot easily!  I know in his mind he's thinking about big swimming pools right now!

Pretty soon it's time to go for another ride, but this time back to our house!  Ralphie was so funny... Dave let go of his leash before the car and he ran straight to the back gate!  He wanted to go home!

I do love our family road trips!



Ashley Sisk

I'm just going to live vicariously through you...you make these photos look like a dream day. Love it.


Thanks so much Ashley... I am a pretty lucky lady!


love the rearview mirror shot!!


Looks like a great day!


LOL! I love that shot of you telling your dog, "Ready, set, RUN!" That probably would've been how I'd do it, too! :)


I love the coloring of your photographs... what a nice day!

The OriginalPsyn

Thanks for sharing your day out with your family. Great shots. I love the processing.


What a beautiful path. It looks like you have some fantastic travel companions as well. I loved these shots.

DASH Photography

cute post! love all the pictures, especially the rearview mirror shot! :) my pups always love going for rides too!


awwww..you make me want a dog so much! I'm just waiting until the kiddos get a little older. I love the second shot from the bottom. Your dogs always look like they are smiling!


Your shot of the road blew me away! Pefection


These are great shots, what a cute dog!!

Clare B

Love the shot of the wide open road, beautiful space for dogs to run.

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