Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School {not quite yet}

I was catching up on my daily blog reading, and saw that over at SIMPLICITY Faith was having a back to school themed photo challenge.  

I spent the ENTIRE day working in both my hubbie's and my own classroom.  Let me tell ya, it wears you out!  I think it's the mental part of it.  I always get butterflies in my stomach when I begin the school year.  I just want to do my best to help all of my students reach their full potential.  It's an awesome responsibility, and I don't take it lightly!!

Soon I will be hearing, "Mrs. Lerch" about 200 times a day, grading stacks of papers at night, and planning exciting lessons about the water cycle and the six-traits of writing!  

Yes, it's "almost" back to school time...



ooh! love this shot! if you could link it back to the link-up post that would be fab!


I love it! Definitely a back to school shot! Best wishes for a great school year!!


Sure thing Faith... added it in! I was sleepy last night and didn't even think to do that the first time! :)

Ashley Sisk

I seriously love all these back to school shots.


Gorgeous photo! I can't believe it is back to school time already. What happened to summer.

Maureen @ Cottage 960

Great shot. I love back to school supplies. :) I was sad when my boys out grew school supply shopping. I loved all the prep of getting my classroom ready too. You'll do great, it's clear you really care about your students. Lucky them. Have a great year!

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