Monday, August 2, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday

I found another theme day... yay!

Although I am not yet a mama, I am a mama to two pups!

Ralphie "Red Rider" Lerch
(Yes, his name was inspired from the movie Christmas Story)


Ferdinand "Magellan" Lerch
(That's what happens when your owners teach 5th grade social studies)

They are my babies and I love to share their pictures (cause they're so cute)!!



cute pictures!!! Love the signature :) especially the cupcake LOL You might want to try and save it as a PNG file though....that way the background is transparent; just a suggestion


Thanks dear...


welcome :) glad I could help out!!! So we are getting our new furnance/compressor tomorrow morning....yay! Let me know when you guys can meet, I miss you

Tammy Lee Bradley

Sweetness. :)


You know I love this ;)


I love your dogs! I love dogs! I am a momma to two boys, however, before they got here our loyal dog kira was our baby! If you look under my "about me" tab on my blog you can see her.


Dog-babies - gotta love them.

Ashley Sisk

I'm in love with your dogs. I had an English Springer Spaniel growing up and have always wanted another one but just won't do it unless we have a nice back yard for he/she to run. Those dogs do need running room!


you know how i love the dogs!! great that you are showing off your babies :)


Oh my word, they are so cute, and animals are totally like babies! can't wait to get myself a pup one day. Love there names and these photos. Looks a fun challenge, might have to check it out...thanks for the share!

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