Monday, August 9, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday

This is my last Monday of summer... "sniff, sniff."  School's back in next Monday, so this will be my last week being able to do all of the fun challenges.  

I am definitely a Mamarazzi with my sweet springer spaniel pups... just like with children, I always seem to be snapping away while they are around!

Ferdy was watching very carefully as people walked in front of our car.  I imagine he's thinking, "Oh it's ok if you come home with me.  You can sleep on the bed too!"

Ralph is so content just to stare out the window.  His favorite thing in the world is to go for r-i-d-e-s... We can't even say it out loud, we must spell it!!

I heart my springers!



cute :) I'm going to miss your seeing your photo challenge photos!!

Love my little Z's silhouette will have to email me that one!! Miss ya!


I'm gonna miss them too. I'm gonna do what I can, but I just know how evenings are... grading papers, planning, and all that good stuff. Oh well...

I sent u Z's picture just now! She's the best!


Your dogs are so cute! And I think their names are really adorable. Enjoy your last week off! And hey, at least there's a long weekend coming up soon, right? :)

Ashley Sisk

I love pictures of your dogs - seriously...I almost want to buy pictures of them, they are so beautiful. But perhaps they just remind me of my childhood dog.


I'm a bit partial, but I think they are pretty pups too! They love the camera too! :) They are our 60 lb. lap dogs, that's for sure!!

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