Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Puppy!

I couldn't help but want to share pictures of the newest member of my aunt and uncle's family...

Meet little miss Miley

She's so very tiny!!

She has been welcomed into a wonderful family, and it makes me happy to know that another dog has found a loving family!

I thought we could all use a taste of cuteness to begin another week!
Here's to a great week of happiness!



Ashley Sisk

What a cute puppy!


I love her!!!


That is such a cute puppy.
We got a puppy of our own yesterday - a little miniature poodle. It is really great to have him.
If your family need some treats for the puppy then I have lots of recipes on my website


Oh, my, how adorable


what a cute little pup! i want a pup so bad :( one day... great shots as always

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