Thursday, August 5, 2010

Put Yourself in the Picture!

Today's blog post over at I Heart Faces was all about finding a way to put yourself on the other side of the lens!  I agree that I take wayyyyy  more photos of other people than of myself, so for that reason I am making a point to include myself more often!

Last night my hubbie went into DQ to get us Blizzards, and while I was waiting, what do you think I did?  Well... I played with my camera of course!

Most of the shots were throw aways... of the ceiling, dog snouts (they were in the car too), or just nothingness!  But... I did get a couple fun ones!  I like this one because it shows off my new shades and my messy ol' hair!  It's fun and I think it captures my personality!

You should give it a try... be nice to yourself and get in some pictures!