Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Texture Adventures

Lately I've been inspired by some of my blogging buddies to venture into the world of textures.  I've never really done much with them, but then I thought... why not?

Just for fun I whipped these up last night...

I can't stand to sit in the car and not take pictures... haha!

Farmland, farmland, and more farmland!

They are subtle... but I like them!  



I like that they are subtle, nice job! Where did you find them? You asked where I got mine, I added a section on my blog in my side bar for my two favorite texture site buttons, kim klassen and shadowhouse creations

Tammy Lee Bradley

LOve. I only use Kim Klassen textures. so nice....


Wow! Those are gorgeous :)


Beautiful! I've been collecting Kim's textures but haven't figured out how to use them yet (I'm still learning photoshop) With this kind of inspiration I really need to get busy.


ooooo... so glad to be an inspiration! :) I just found Kim thanks to Brooke and Tammy, so I'm super excited!!


oh..these are beautiful! Wonderful tones to them too..I love the car dashboard one!


oh and Brooke... These textures were Florabella!

Ashley Sisk

Now these are GORGEOUS...I've always been a fan of texture but have gone rather light on it recently because of time. This makes me want to experiment again.


OKAY, i love these shots!!!!! especially the top one! I love textures, i mean i love how they look and i so dream of using them one day...soon! i am getting Photoshop this week and I am going to be bothering you for sure to tell me how to do them! These shots are so great and i love the textures to chose!


Thanks girls! You are all so sweet! @ Kristin... I would love to help you! I'm excited for you!!!!! You'll be addicted... be ready!

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