Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stepping Off the Beaten Path {Bigger Picture Moment}

As school creeps nearer and nearer, my hubbie and I have been constantly talking about how this is going to be the year when we begin to take time for ourselves.  We finally finished our master's, and now it's time to begin living our lives!  I know that we are all guilty of falling into routines that tend to bog us down, and this is what I'm trying to get away from...  Get up early, head off to work, get home, cook dinner, eat, spend a few precious moments together, sleep, and repeat.  I don't want that routine anymore.  I'm ready for a change!  

I want so badly to step off of the beaten path this year.  That means even on weeknights (gasp!) going out to eat, staying up later than usual, and cuddling on the couch watching movies... It may not sound like much, but in the past I would have said, "No, we can't cause we have school tomorrow."  I have been telling myself over and over that it's ok to take time during the week to enjoy life.  So often have I said, "I can't wait for Friday."  Well Fridays are great, but everyday can be just as wonderful too!  Yes, I must return to work and all the stress that comes with teaching, but I can still enjoy each and every day.  And that is what I plan to do!

This year I WILL step off the beaten path and enjoy each and every lovely day/night (even when I have to go to work the next day)!




It is so easy to get in a routine! I know that :) We are really bad about it, but with Zoey routine is necessary :) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!


that's a great plan. hope this next year is filled with adventures, little ones and big ones


What a great resolution - one I need to share in. I've been counting hours til Friday all week - what kind of life is that.

Ashley Sisk

What a great plan...enjoy life! I think we can also agree that we don't do this enough.

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