Friday, August 6, 2010

What Happens When I "Work" at School {GMYBS Friday}

This is what happens when I go up to "work" in my classroom...

Even in the horrible florescent lighting I must whip out my camera and have an impromptu photo session with one of my friend's little girl!  I mean seriously... how could I not???  Even inside on the cold, ugly school tiles she's adorable!  Little K is so much fun, and I hope to photograph her "for real" sometime soon!!

By the way... I got to hear the infamous baby laughs while I played with her!  In my opinion, nothing is better than a good baby laugh!!




so cute. i think it's great that you are always ready to whip out the camera! good photos.


Oh, she's adorable, no one could resist grabbing photos of that little angel

Ashley Sisk

Baby in a classroom? I mean, how could you not, it was set up for ultra cuteness!


Love the last photo :)

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