Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday {Country}

There's just something about farms that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside...

It's probably the fact that I grew up on a farm.  HaHa!  To some people the site of red barns and grain bins means nothing, but to me it means I'm home!  Who doesn't like that feeling?  

Soon Dave and I want to get back out to the country because we both agree it's where we are happiest.  I keep crossing my fingers that we will be able to build our dream house (with a photography studio and all)!  I just love the feeling of the country...  always have and always will.  




Gorgeous photo! There really is nothing like country life. I hope your dream home with the photography studio is just around the bend.


I can't wait until we can build or just get a bigger house (LOL)....I don't think we will be moving back to the country just yet; to far of a drive for Jake to go to work!

Oh yeah, Love the photo :) It reminds me of home as well!

Ashley Sisk

I love good ol country shots....this one is incredible. I love your processing.

Brooke G.

Yup - I get it. Although, I didn't even grow up on a farm! :D


This is beautiful picture! I didn't grow up on the farm, but I did grow up in the country among a few farms here and there...I've always enjoyed living in the country, trees, pasture, cool breeze, windows open at night, fresh air, stars at night, ahhh

Tammy Lee Bradley

Great processing. Hope school is being good to ya. ♥t

Maureen @ Cottage 960

Pretty shot, love the tones. I didn't grow up in the country, but I'm certainly drawn to it, and shoot there whenever possible.


such a beautiful photo!


Thanks all... :)

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