Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Still Here

Even though I've been MIA from the blog-world for over a week, I'm still here... promise!  This is just the life of teacher.  What have I been doing you ask?  

Setting up/running a booth for the school fun fair
Beginning to plan our annual science fair
Taking my kiddos on a field trip
Grading tests
Grading wonderfully awesome science projects
Developing fun new lessons
Preparing for my first evaluation of the year
Making new resources for my SMARTboard
Lesson planning, lesson planning, and more lesson planning

In between all the crazy day-to-day teacher activities, I've been trying to find time to relax and best of all get the ol' camera out from time to time.  I have to say that I REALLY miss participating in all the fun blog photo challenges.  I look at everyone else's work and wish I could dedicate the time to keep up with it all too.  I'm hoping things will slow down a bit (or more like I get a better handle on everything), and then I spend more "me" time throughout the week.

Although life as a teacher is always crazy busy, I feel good about starting this week.  It's a busy one with a Beta Club (a honor/community service club I sponsor) field trip and a nerve wreaking evaluation (I'm such a horrible perfectionist), I am totally prepared and ready to go.  That's always a good feeling, or at least I love it!

I leave you today with a fun picture from my class's field trip to the historical Soulard Market in downtown St. Louis.  We had such a WONDERFUL day for our trip, and the kids did awesome!


Off to get all of teacher stuff ready to go for lovely Monday morning!
Hope you all have a great start to your week!  



hope your week is great too! lovely shot of the eggplants, lovin the middle ones and their purple goodness!

BTW passing along this blog award to you!


Sounds like you have a lot of fun things going on! Beautiful image..those eggplants are so shiny...I just want to keep looking at them!


Missed you around here, but what lucky students you have!


wow, I love this shot!!! I miss you too, but i TOTALLY understand! one day i will be right there with ya :) what your doing is so important and A LOT of work!

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