Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's been another busy week of Beta Club field trips and stressful evaluations, but it's also been a rewarding last couple of days.

I am one of three sponsors for our school's Beta Club.  Our group is for students who display extraordinary character and dedication, both to their studies and for their communities.  I so enjoy working with this group of junior high students, especially those that I had when they were in fifth grade.  It always makes me smile when I see how the wonderful young people they are turning into!

Yesterday we took our Beta kiddos to a local camp.  One of the features of this camp is a team-building challenge course.  I have never experienced it before, so yesterday was my first time along with all of the kids.  

Camp Wartburg 2

Camp Wartburg 3

Camp Wartburg 1

Among the tasks the kids completed were a marble-moving challenge, escaping through a giant's door keyhold (aka, a big tractor tire w/out touching the edges), and building a moat across the lava (aka, moving boards to get the entire team from one platform to another).  Regardless the activity, the message was a good one!  We must all be our best while at the same time respecting others thoughts/opinions in order to be successful together.  It was a message for the kids, as they prepare to move on to high school and college, but I think it's one that can resound in all of us.

On another note...
My evaluation today went WONDERFULLY!!  For all of you other teachers out there, you know how nerve wreaking evals are... and I ALWAYS get so nervous!  I spent the whole weekend preparing all the little details, and it all paid off in the end.  I was so very proud of my kiddos because they showed how wonderful they truly are!

And now one last change of subject...
We all know the weather is quickly changing (especially in my neck of the woods), and this week has been our first week of true "fall" weather.  With that in mind, I leave you with a picture of something that  says that it's that time of year!

Kiddie Fall Ball

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
(One more thing---you'll be glad to hear I'm doing a session this weekend at a pumpkin patch... YAY!)




Congrats on the eval!


glad to hear your eval went super. I'm not surprised,though, your dedication to your students shines through when ever you talk about your work. congrats!
love your photos from the camp


didn't we do something like that for RA training one year??? I'm glad your evaluation went well!

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