Monday, September 6, 2010

SIMPLICITY's E-Photography Class

Today marked the start of a new e-class that I am doing!  Yay!!!  I'm really excited because there are A TON of other photographers that have joined up to do this class, so that means I will be learning a lot from many wonderful people!  Today we had our first "assignment".  The first week focuses on aperture and knowing when to stop down or when to stop up.  

This photo was taken with my 24-75mm lens at f/4.  We had to take another at f/11 and really look at the difference in the depth of field and shutter speeds that we used.  I feel pretty comfortable with aperture already, but it's good to focus solely on settings alone.

I must go now to get ready for the school week.  It's back to teacher-mode for me, but I will be back very soon to share more from class!

Have a great week all!