Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's the Simple Things

I have always believed that it's the simple things that mean the most.  I believe that is true in so many different areas including my two loves, photography and teaching.  For this reason, I wanted to share an example of each!

Simple Object
This is a very simple photo of a plant that was given to me by my great grandma.  It's nothing fancy or extravagant, it's just a plain ol' green leafy plant, but I think it's beautiful!  

Now, from the "teaching" world.  Today was Tuesday, but it was kind of like a Monday to us all.  So needless to say, everyone at school, both the kiddos and teachers, were a bit draggy today.  As I was greeting my kids at the doorway this morning, one of my little guys came up to me and said, "Mrs. Lerch, your hair is sticking up a little bit."  Now, you might think that he was just trying to help me out so I wouldn't be standing up teaching with my hair all messed up (I do tell my kids to help me out if my hair/clothes are ever messed up).  The funny part of this whole story is that I purposefully did "the poof" in my hairdo today, which is something out of the ordinary for me.  After my little guy made his comment, I just busted up because the hair that was "sticking up" was meant to be like that.  He said he was sorry, but I just gave him a high-five and told him thanks for helping me out, but it was supposed to be like that.  The last thing he said before walking in the room was, "If it's supposed to be like that, I like it then Mrs. Lerch."  It's the simplest things about my days at school that make me smile!  That is why I love teaching!!

To me, simple = good!



great photo! you are doing so great in class already! i just left you a long facebook message :) haha laughed so hard at your school story! hahahaha that is so funny and sweet what that little boy said. they say the funniest things sometimes. I bet he thought he was being so helpful too :)


also, i really love your new blog look and all this fancy colorful font! how on earth did you get that there? too cool


love that story about your hair. and the new look on your blog is great!! i just did a new header for mine over the long weekend.


your story makes me wish I was still in the classroom. they are so sweet.
love the new look you have here and the new header!
♥ maureen

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