Saturday, September 11, 2010


I spend my weekends doing things that help me unwind from the busy week...

Snapshot of My Life

Backyard Beauty

Lately, I've been spending my free time working on "assignments" for the photography e-class I'm taking.  These pictures are just a few of my latest.  The one of Ralph is I represents a snapshot of my everyday life.  I feel like it shows my personality perfectly!!  

Contemplate Your Shot

I was SO THANKFUL to have some sunshine this evening, so I could go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!  I captured a few goodies of my blooming crepe myrtle.  I love this plant so very much because it blooms at the end of the summer and it's pink!! :)  

Off to spend some quality time with the fam...

Happy Saturday!



aw, love the photo of you loving on your pup :) it's fun to see a photo of you from time to time, i am bad about that too! And I love your blooming crepe myrtle photos...very well done! have a great relaxing weekend!


Your photos are gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the last bits of your weekend.

Ashley Sisk

Beautiful shots - I always love your work.

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