Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Everyday Beauty (1 of 1).jpg

Ralph is sad that all the rain and gloominess is preventing his mom from taking good pictures!  He says that it needs to stop raining so he can go out and play with Ferdy!

This picture is for week 1's portrait assignment.  I am a bit partial, but I think my pups make for the perfect portrait clients.  They have the most expressive faces!!  And, I love them, so that doesn't hurt either! :)

Maybe the rain will clear up tomorrow, so I can get some "real" shots!




What a face!!! :)


That is a perfect face for a portrait! So so sweet. Reminds me of my Buddy. Very nice shot.


That face! So sad.

Tammy Lee Bradley

wonderful photo! I really like your new blog header and design. Now that it is all done, you need to change it... my button changed. LOL!


I think this is a great shot! love the tones/colors of it, and look at those eyes! hope the rain clears for you soon just cause i know how annoying that can be...but i think you did really well still getting a great shot!

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