Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baking is for the Dogs

Recently I did a baking... for my pups that is!

For the Pups

Don't worry, I bake for my hubbie and me too, but this time it was just for "my boys".

Homemade Treats

It was so much fun to cut out the little doggie bone shapes!

Baking Away the Stress

The boys knew something was going on, so they sat by the table the entire time I was creating their yummy homemade treats.  Don't worry... as soon as they were done, they earned a special reward for being good patient pups.

Our Country Boys

How cute are my sweet pups?!?  

It's amazing how much joy they bring to the hubs and myself!




How fun! You are such a good doggie mommy! I really love your dogs, they are beautiful...they make me want to check into getting another dog for our family

DASH Photography

Aw, their patient faces are so cute! :) Our dogs do the same thing when we are in the kitchen!

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