Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Project 52

With the new year amongst us, many photographers have take on 365 projects.  That's one photo taken for each and every day of the year.  I, like many others, am a bit intimidated by such a HUGE project, so when I saw fellow photographers creating a "new" version of the all popular project 365, I was excited and ready to join in!

Several of my favorite photographers and bloggers have created another photography project that requires one photo per week instead of one per day.  Thus the name emerged: Project 52.  

This feels so much more manageable to me, and I know that it will be more beneficial for my creative side to come out.  If I'm stressed or trying to "squeeze" in photos, I know they won't be up to my standard.

So where am I joining in on this fun project you ask?

Annie Manning from Paint the Moon Photography is inspiring my photography with weekly themes a link up provided by her Flickr Group... Her themes are what is inspiring me to do this project!
You can find her Flickr group here and her blog (with weekly themes) here
(Make sure you check it out... I was featured as one of the photos of the first week!!)

I'm also linking up with the MCP Project 52 Flickr Group
Find their Flickr group here

Ok, one more place I'm linking up to share my photos of the week, and that's the m3b (My Three Boybarians) P52 Flickr Group
Find their Flickr group here

Ok, now for the goodies!  I've already completed two weeks of my project, so I must share my photos!

Baking Away the Stress
This is my week one photo (new beginnings).
I rang in the new year by baking my pups homemade doggie treats... and boy did they love em!

Me and My Brother
And now my latest photo for week two (togetherness).  
Ferdy and Ralphie love to cuddle and it just makes my heart smile to know that my pups live such a healthy and balanced life.

I'm so excited for this new project.  I hope that it will not only inspire my photography, but that it will also give me more motivation to take more "me" time.  That is always a goal of mine, and I think this project will help me achieve that goal among many others.

Off now to enjoy my Saturday... enjoy yours too!



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