Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I realize this is getting ridiculous today, but I have yet another challenge to share!

This time it's over at The Paper Mama/Paper Heart Camera

The Paper MamaTouch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

The theme this week is {Resolutions}

Resolutions {before}
before edit

Edit 1
after edit using Paint the Moon actions

Edit 2
Resolutions 2
another after edit using On the Spot Studios actions

I am actually working toward my resolution right now, and that is promoting my photography online and taking more time to capture the world.  My number one goal this year is to get out there with the hubs and pups and take more time with my camera to capture the beauty around me.  Along with this, I want to focus more on sharing my photography via my blog & Flickr.  I need to push myself to be more active and this means behind the camera and in the bloggy/Flickr world.  The more I do, the more people will see my photos.  It's a simple goal, but an important one for me!   

I'm working toward my resolution and WILL continue to throughout ALL of 2011!
The power of positive thinking...



What a great resolution! Go for it!
Great entry!


great resolution and very cool edits. XOXO

Ashley Sisk

Love it - you can do it! which paint the moon actions were you using?


I believe I used the new freebie, jubilee. I really like that one! Ashley, you are actually one of my blog idols! I read yours religiously and love your work! Thanks for the kind words!

love and life ♥

Love your blog! Looking forward to following you int his coming year. Love both edits, the colours in the first edit are amazing and the B&W is so beautiful! xo


I'm so glad you stumbled upon me blog! I love your photographs & everything you have to say! Thanks for stopping by :]

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