Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoot & Edit

Ahhh... what a crazy day at school today.  As I walked out of my classroom, the first thing I wanted to do was come home relax and EDIT my weekly photo for the new Shoot & Edit challenge!

Here was my BEFORE photo
Icy Beauty (Before)
I actually really liked a lot of things about this photo SOOC, so I knew I didn't want to do too much with it in post processing... but I'm all for trying new things!

1st Edit
Icy Beauty {After v.1}
So, the first thing I did was try Ashley's suggestion of running a high pass filter (softlight blending mode) on a copy of the background.  I love how crisp it made the icicles!  

But of course, it wasn't as "artistic" as I would like it to be yet.  I'm totally into the soft vintage look, so I did a bit more work with it yet.

I ran an action called "fake tilt shift"from the NicoleVan Urban action set.  This gave me a nice blurred background, and then I masked out a few icicles right in the center of the photo.  I made sure to vary my opacity as I did this to make it not so drastic.

I tried several actions, but couldn't quite get the effect/color/softness I was looking for, so I re-opened the slightly edited photo in Lightroom 3.  I ran Rebecca Lily's "After the Rain" preset on the photo, and voila!!  It gave the softness and dreamy color the photo... just like I was hoping it would!

    The AFTER photo
Icy Beauty {After v.2}

I like the edit, and I'm glad I learned a new tid-bit about the high pass filter trick!


living in a perry tale

I'm also linking these edits up to a new challenge at another great photoblog I discovered!



love and life ♥

Oh I love your edit! Beautiful! xo


This is SO pretty! I LOVE how blurry & texture-like the background is, so the icicles really stand out. :)

Ashley Sisk

Your final edit is beautiful but that high pass filter definitely made the icicles pop!


Oh I really like this! Great capture & wonderful bokeh this photo has :]


beautiful, very cute blog!

urban muser

beautiful edit. i finally got PSE 9. i haven't had much time to play with it yet though.

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