Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoot and Edit-Good Morning Edits

It's edit day, yay!
Today my link up is going over to Ashley's lovely photo blog!

On to the goodies...

My original "Good Morning" shot SOOC:
Good Morning {original}
I really did love this shot because it was so simple, yet so Ralphie.  He and Ferdy are snuggle bugs, and this sweet photo tells their story perfectly.

And now my edited version of my "Good Morning" shot:
Good Morning {Edited}
Ahhh... I do love me a nice puppy nose shot!

My edit wasn't much, but the little bit I did really gave the photo the feeling I was looking for.  So, on to the steps...

Because I loved the original so much, I knew I didn't want to do anything drastic when I edited.  Just like Ashley talked about in her tutorial, I also do the basic fixes first.  I believe I did a little bit of a fill light bump because I like my pictures to be a bit brighter than some.  Everything else looked pretty good, so I exported then to Photoshop.  

Once I was in Photoshop, I used my new favorite "trick".  I duplicated the background layer and ran a high pass filter.  I set it to soft light blending and pulled down the opacity to about 80.  I really liked how it accentuated Ralphie's sweet little pup nose!

After the high pass filtering, I ran an action called "Oleander" from the Wallflower set made by LilyBlue.  I have admired her photoblog for a long time, and I love her actions equally as much.  They give a nice subtle dreaminess to photos, which is exactly the feel I wanted for this photo.  Afterall, most mornings most of us are a bit foggy and sleepy, right?

Ok, I did more more little step.  Like I said before, I really wanted to draw attention to Ralph's sweet puppy nose, so I decided to try running the high pass filter again.  I flattened my edits that I had done thus far, duplicated the background, and ran the high pass filter again on soft light blending mode.  This time I drug the opacity down to around 30, since I had already ran it once earlier in the edit.

That was it for Mr. Ralphie.  It's not a huge difference, but one that I'm really happy with!

I hope everyone's having happy days today!



love and life ♥

Gorgeous edit! I love everything that you've done with it. I love the dreamy look to it. So cute! xx

Ashley Sisk

I have always loved the dreaminess to your photos so I'm so glad to read through your edit steps. Love it.


Beautiful and sweet photos!


Absolutely wonderful!! Your sooc was great and you really just added to it, instead of the opposite! You explained your edits really well - thanks for sharing your steps.


I was excited to see how this sweet puppy's sweet little nose turned out. Love the edit! I have to say I still really, really like the SOOC too, though! :)

Mom to 9 Blessings!

Love that you shared your steps and the edit is beautiful!

Our Beaten Path

You explained very well! I haven't posted mine but it gave me some motivation to get started. Very cute picture both SOOC and edited. :)


Great edit! I love the "dreaminess" of the photo. It is perfect! And thanks for sharing your steps for those of us that are still learning this whole editing thing. :)


BEAUTIFUL PIC! I love the way you shot that one! What lens were you using?

Winn (aka Koreen)

Very sweet! I like the DOF too. :)


What a great puppy nose shot!! LOVE it - also love the dreamy feel...perfect for the "good morning" shot!


Thanks for all the great comments! :) This is my 85mm 1.8. It has great DOF!

Courtney from The Story of Us

I can't tell you how much I LOVE this photo! Seriously, it's perfect & the dreaminess melts my heart...


Very cute puppy! And the editing is outstanding!! I love it!
Thanks again for your sweet comment on my blog! ;)


That's a great SOOC, but I love what you did with the edit! The details in his whiskers are great and I love the tint.

I'm also in love with the high pass filter now!

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