Sunday, March 20, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

Sadly, the blog has been a bit neglected as of late.  It's a BUSY time of year for a household of two teachers, but I promise that I'll make an effort to be more regular with my posts!

So what have we been up to?  Well as always, we've been spending a lot of time with our pooches.  Since the weather is finally turning around, we are getting to go for daily walks.  It's soothing for the pups and for the hubs and I to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!


We've also made a couple trips out to my parents' farm lately.  Every time we head out, I can't help but to haul along the camera.  See my parents & sis are dog lovers too!  In fact, they are the proud parents of four dogs, two of which are Ralphie's mom and dad!

Ralphie's Daddy, Camo
This is Camo, Ralph's daddy

Ralphie's Momma, Murphy
And this is Murphy, Ralph's momma

Ralphie's Cousin, Beau
I can't forget Beau, Ralphie & Ferdy's cousin and favorite playmate!

And the fourth pup, Pookie!  She is my baby!  I got her when I was in eighth grade, so she has a special place in my heart (and always will)!

Ok, change of subject before I cry...  Happy news now!
This weekend I upgraded my camera!  Yay!  I am now a proud owner of a Canon 7D.  I haven't had much chance to "really" try it out yet, but today I will when I do a 9th month session for two ADORABLE twin girls!  But, until then, here are a few other snapshots from this weekend!

Our "hunting" dog Ferd Man staring down the birds in our yard

Ferdy and his most favorite squeaky toy (which he wakes us up with everyday)!

And one of trusty ol' Ralph of course (even though it's taken with the on-board flash for which I don't like to use... I just couldn't leave him out)

One of my favorite people, my sister Morgan (isn't she adorable?!?)

More of my favorite people!  This time my hubbie and his sweet sis, Kady (love, love, love my family)!

My silly husband doing a "chicken-dance" themed birthday dance.  He turned 26 this week, and words can't explain how LUCKY I am that I have him in my life!

Last one... the hubs and I!  It's really not a great picture (because the lighting was not ideal by any means)!  I wanted to share though because I feel like I don't get enough of the two of us!

Now I'm off to prep for my shoot today with the 9 month twin girls!  I think it's time to bust out the bunny ear headbands!




all awesome shots as always! love love love that very first one! you and your hubs are so cute in the last shot too :) Congrats on your new camera update! i can't wait to hear about it and see if you are happy with it as i am sure you will be. And how fun doing a shoot with two little girlie's. Can't wait to see your amazing shots!

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