Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Time = Happy Time

Finally!!  Our Illinois weather has been somewhat cooperative lately (today is a good day).  Spring is showing her lovely face about these parts of the woods lately.  Every year I am reminded of why it is such a happy time of year!!  


Today after work I grabbed the camera and went out to play in the yard with my boys.  They LOVE it when momma goes out to play with them!!  I couldn't help but plop down in the freshly green grass and breathe in deeply... ahh, I love the feeling of crisp, clean spring air.  It seriously has a special power of making me feel like all is well.


Even though the leaves on most of the trees have not come in yet, the sunshine alone makes it worth venturing out into the yard!  Nothing beats a nice breeze and warm sunshine.  (I'm wishing I could have spent the entire day in the yard with a good book!)  



While outside, Ralph and Ferd did their thing.  Ferdy was looking for "friends" to fall from the sky.  He almost "found" one, but luckily the poor soul escaped!  Ralph just kind of walks around making sure that his little brother behaves.  He's such a good big brother.  Dave and I always say that he reminds us of "Nanna" from Peter Pan.  HeHe!


I can't forget to mention Ferdy's love for his hamburger toy.  As I was sitting in the grass snapping shots, he dropped that lovely thing in my lap several times.  From far away it looks cute, but up close it's soo gross! (The way most of our pup's toys are)


What a lucky dog mom I am!  I love my boys and how much they love their little puppy lives.  They are just happy and that makes me smile.


And before I go to eat a yummy dinner, for which my hubs made for me, I have to leave you with a random picture.  I'm all about taking pictures that make me happy.  I love this little cake plate that I got as a present awhile ago.  The colors are springy and fresh.  It makes me want to bake a cake to set on top of it... almost.  For now it is a colorful display for my little plant.

I hope spring has found its way to you today too!


Jessica G.

I love spring as well!

Jessica G.
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spring is the best! love all your spring shots, especially that top one of your cute little shoes! hope your year is going well!

urban muser

great dog shots!

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