Saturday, May 7, 2011

26 Years

Who is the cute little girl you ask?  Well of course it's me!  Why is little Stephanie making an appearance today on the blog?  Well, it's my special day... my BIRTHDAY!  Yay!

Today, May 7th, is the day that I turn 26 years old.  It's crazy to me to see the years go by, but I guess the old adage is true.  Time really does fly.  The older you get, the less magical birthdays are.  It's inevitable.  But with that being said, I have to say how blessed I feel today.  I woke up with two snuggly springer pups and a kind, and supportive husband.  How can I not feel like the luckiest girl in the world?  To top it off, I turn on the computer and see facebook messages and texts from my loving family and friends.  I truly am blessed to be so young and have so much.  I know it's "my special day" in all, but I have to say thank you to all of those that love me everyday.  You are the people that have made me who I am, and I can't thank you enough!

Birthdays are always day you sit back and reflect on your life, and I feel that I am exactly where I imagined I would be.  I have accomplished even more that I thought I could have (and I have some high expectations for myself)!

Who would have ever though this little redhead would be blessed in so many ways and accomplish so much?  It's hard to believe it's been 26 years... I can't wait to see what's in store for me in my next 26.

Thanks again to all of my family and friends for your birthday wishes.  I really do love you with all of my heart!  Now I'm off to enjoy my day!



Husband Dave

May 7th is the greatest day ever! It's the day that the other half of my life started. I love you so much!!

P.S. The pups say they love you also.


Mom and Dad love you so much!
Happy Birthday my little girl!
You and Dave have a wonderful day today.

XOXO.....Love, Mom and Dad


You guys made me cry! :) Love you's too!! So, so much!

Kelly Roehrkasse

Happy birthday to my next door neighbor...well, at work anyway! You are one of the reasons I don't really think of it as going to work! It's more like going to that place where they pay me to hang out with my friends Monday thru Friday!

Jeroen & Mirella Schulte

Oh I'm a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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