Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ramblings on a Thursday Afternoon...

I came home today soooo tired from the school day.  It wasn't a "bad" day, just a long day.  Sometimes I feel like a tire without the air after a day like today.  Anyways... I digress (imagine that).

I came in and opened up Safari on my computer (homepage is my blog... what can I say, I like to look at my pictures...haha).  I noticed a few new comments, and seriously, who doesn't enjoy reading kind comments?!?  Two of my new visitors are old schoolmates!  How cool that they found me out there in the bloggy world!  Adrien even gave a shout out to my modest little blog!  How sweet of her!  If you're in the mood, check out her family blog, "Getting There".  It makes me smile to see such wonderful people and their beautiful families living such happy lives.  :)

Now that I got my second wind thanks to some sweet people, I'm all pumped up to edit pictures tonight! I'm going to be finishing the S family's photos from this past Saturday's session I had with them.  You just have to check out their two little cutie pies!

This little guy is Mr. C.  He's four and oh so much fun.  Saturday was officially his "Superman" day.  It was hilarious how focused he was on acting like Superman.  By the way, aren't those freckles just the most adorable thing you've ever seen?!?

And on to this little lady, Ms. A.  She was sleepy, but a good little girl throughout the entire session.  Smiles were hard to come by, but there were no tears, which is always a plus!  This was her first ever photo shoot, and she did so well for such a little tot.

Tonight I'm hunkering down and editing the rest of their session, and I can't wait to do a big post to share off more of their sweet little faces!  Yay for cute little ones!




Awww the last photo is really cute, what a beautiful little girl.

What kind of camera do you have?
Do you edit your photos too? I hope I say it right, my English isn't the best.

Maybe I can learn something from you LOL


Oh sorry I see it you have a Canon

Our Beaten Path

Great photos! That little girl made me sit and smile. So cute! :)


Those cuties are my cousins! Small world, eh? :)

Kelly Lerch

I love these...of course I say that at every picture! But they are both such cuties!


Adrien, it is a small world! :)

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