Saturday, May 14, 2011

Selfie Saturday

I'm pooped today!  We went out of town for my sister in law's college graduation yesterday.  It was a wonderful (yet cold & rainy) day, but I am worn out!

I wanted to post a couple selfie photos that Dave and I snapped last Saturday on my birthday.  I am trying to make more of an effort to get photos of me with my family members.  So enjoy! :)

The Hubs & I
Although this picture is not perfect and has no "special" scenery, I really like it!  I even added a cute little "love" decoration.  Can you tell I was in a Photoshop mood?

Selfie Steph
And now a silly one of just me... I can never just smile into a camera.  I realized that I've been doing this since I've been little.  Since I was feeling all "Photoshoppy" I added the clouds because I think they're cute.  That's my driving force behind everything... cuteness! :)

Ok, time to go and muster the energy to make dinner.  I've already napped today after our four hour drive home, but I'm still sleepy!  The nice thing about Saturdays is that there's no rush.



Very cute. I love the decoration you added, especially in the 2nd one!

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