Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Time!

Nope... not mine, silly.  My sweetie pie of a sister in law of course!  I'm SOOOO PROUD to say that my beautiful, and multi-talented sister-in-law is an official graduate of Missouri State University.

Yay Kady!!!

She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (just like her big bro and I).  Not only is she a graduate, but she also found out that she has secured her first teaching job too!  She'll be teaching fourth graders in a small town outside of Springfield in the fall.

Look at her... She just looks awesome!! :)

Seriously though, Dave and I couldn't be any prouder of the wonderful young lady she has become.  Not only is she sweet and charming, but she's a natural with the kiddos.  I have no doubt that she is going to go on to be one of those teachers that her kids will remember forever.

Ms. Lerch with her proud siblings!!!

We can't forget mom dad, who raised two AMAZING children!!!!

Since we're bragging on the awesomeness of the family, we must share grandma and grandpa Lane.  These two seriously have enough determination and drive to inspire just about anybody!

One more family shot of Kady with Grandma Edie and Junior.  These two are a hoot at get togethers.  Grandma makes the best Sunday brunches and Junior is about the nicest truck/motorcycle driving guy you'd ever meet.  

Even though the day was a bit cold and icky (and dumb dumb me wore a sleeveless shirt), Dave and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!  There were a couple springer spaniels who moped around for a few days though.  Ralphie wanted me to tell you that he's really upset that he and Ferdy were not allowed to go to help you celebrate and that we now owe him lots of hugs and Milk Bones.


Seriously now...

Kady dear, we love you with ALL of our hearts and know that the future holds nothing but success for you.  Keep smilin and stay positive as you venture into the tough, but rewarding career of education.  You will and you do make a difference!


One more thing before I go...

Ugh, Kady.  I know you have your college degree and all, but I think your diploma is upside down.  HeHe!




Oh, Steph!!! I love it!!!! You did an awesome job capturing the day! I loved your comments...hehe!


Oh my gosh! I am sitting here bawling! This is so neat! Kady, I am so proud to know you,to have worked with you, and watch you grow up. And I agree with Steph, you are going to be one of those teachers all the Moms want their kids to get, and the kids that are lucky enough to get you will never forget you. You have the opportunity to help mold the children of tomorrow, and I am sure you will be great at it. Great job Kim & Kelly! You did good!!!!! (Great job with this Steph! I love it!)

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