Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunshine & Raynbows

This past Sunday I got to spend the morning with one of the cutest little ones I know, Miss Rayn.  She's the daughter of one of my good friends that I teach with, and that means I not only get to take her photos, but I also get to hang out with her and all of her two year old goodness.

Seriously, do you see the cute factor that I was subjected to?!?

Not only is she a class A cutie, but she is also one of the smartest two year olds I've met!  Just hearing her sweet little voice as her told her momma, "I want to go down the slide (with a little extra stress on the "duh" part), my heart just melts!  I have to keep the hubbie away from her because after a day with her sunshiny personality, he wants a little one of his own!  HeHe!

She's watching all the other kids carefully to see where she wants to go next

I'm so glad her momma put her in a bright yellow shirt because it matchs her little attitude perfectly.  She radiates happiness!  Her smile could make anybody cave in (I bet her momma and daddy could attest to that). 

This is Rayn saying, "Cheeeesssseeee"

And now a few of my favorites of the bunch (although I can't help but love them all)







Thanks Rayn and momma Jess for letting me take your pictures & hang out with you lovely ladies for the day.  You two are sooo much fun!!


Until Next Time... 


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