Saturday, June 11, 2011

Congrats Oliver

Today was a day of celebration because Dave's cousin, Oliver, graduated from high school last night!


It was actually the first inside graduation held at the 2 year old high school.  It was amazing for me to see how many people were jammed in the school!  You see I come from a very small high school, not even half the size of Oliver's school, so it was a sight to be seen for me.

Anyways, the ceremony went very well.  They even were all high-tech and streamed it live on the district's website.  How cool!!  I loved the programs that they made.  They had the normal info, but I really liked how they showed everyone who earned scholarships and what scholarships they were receiving.  We're so proud of Oliver because he received several!!


Throughout the ceremony, I kept myself entertained by watching one boy that had flashing 2011 glasses on.  I knew he had something up his sleeve.  What I didn't know is that literally, he had a whole bunch of "somethings" up his sleeve.  I bet he was the one who organized what happened at the end of the ceremony...


It was pretty funny to watch the teachers' and administrations' reactions.  I have never seen a group of over 200 people get out of there faster than they did last night!  Hilarious!


Today was Mr. Oliver's celebration party!  His mom and sister worked so incredibly hard to organize the day for the whole family.  The food was delish and the water was cold, which equals a pretty great get together in my eyes!  To top it all off, Oliver's sister, Lindsey, made his cake!  She's got a real talent in baking, and her beautiful cake today was no exception!  It was SOOOOO hard to not totally get of the eating healthy road that I've been working so hard to stay on lately.  Uggghhh... looking at the pictures, you can see why!




It was a nice day overall.  The weather decided to cooperate and not be like 1000 degrees, so we could actually sit back and enjoy each other's company.  I know the hubby and I love spending time with the "not so little" cousins.  It's hard to believe that four years ago Jonah (below) was just a little guy in our wedding, and now he's looking so grown up!  Dave and I are so blessed to have such wonderful family!


So, congratulations to Oliver on his high school graduation.  It's crazy to think that it's now been EIGHT YEARS since Dave and I graduated.  It seriously seems like yesterday, boy how time really does fly by.  Good luck to Oliver in his next adventure in life.  We are proud of you bud and are here for you always!




awe, graduation fun! you captured this big event so well! i am sure he will love having these photos to remember it :)

Heather Rahn

You should have seen Waterloo's graduation last year. A bunch of the kids had those little bouncy balls and they kept bouncing them throughout the kids. They had balloons and beach balls that they snuck in under their robes that they kept blowing up and throwing around but the teachers kept taking them away. Everyone in the audience was booing.

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