Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's Sunday, so that means it's time for...
This weeks items:
Long Exposure
Childhood Memory

Long Exposure
Long Exposure
On one random day this week, I decided to bust out the super wide angle lens.  I was playing around in the house (on a day when it was just toooo hot to go outside) and I was laying on the floor shooting around when the fan caught my eye.  I love how you can't see the individual blades at all.

I've realized that I really like to photograph things on my kitchen's windowsill.  I love the contrast of the shape of the soap bottle next to the shape of the window panes.

Green is one of my favorite colors, second only to pink. :)  I thought and thought and realized that I had green inspiration all around me!  I love the tones of this shot, plus it shows off one of my most favorite pairs of tennis shoes!  I love me my Pumas!

I'm also entering this photo into The Paper Mama's weekly challenge.  The theme this week is GREEN!

If you follow my blog at all, you know I'm participating in the 30 Day Shred with many other lovely lady bloggers.  With that being said, fruit is easy to come by in my house now-a-days.  My current favorite, sweet juicy strawberries out of a bright and colorful bowl!

Childhood Memory
One of the things I think back on as a tot out on the farm is how much time I spent outside playing with my springer spaniels pups.  I've had a springer pretty much as long as I remember, and I believe that's why I love dogs so much today!  I do have to admit though, my dogs (Ferdy featured in the pic) are wayyyy more spoiled now than they were out on the farm. :)

Here's to another great week of photos ahead!  Hope yours is a happy one too!

Real quick before I go...
Head over to The Paper Mama if you have a moment.  One of my photos earned third place this week in the family challenge!  Yayzers!




ALL great shots! I love your take on long exposure...super creative! Cool green shot :)


Congrats on winning 3rd place in the Paper Mama's challenge! =)

Wonderful long exposure shot! The bowl in your Fruit shot is so pretty -I love it!!


Love your shots. Great effect with the green shot.
Oi, I keep seeing pics of strawberries. Gotta get some tomorrow.


What a fun long exposure shot! Great set!


Love all these shots! Great job on each one of them. And your long exposure sure is just cool!


Love your shape shot! I think I love when you photograph stuff in your window sill too! Hee.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words

LOVE that long exposure. Such a great idea! And, the last shot is too sweet.


Cool pictures!


I love your long exposure! And the green shot!


I love your green shot, it's a cool perspective. It almost looks like you used a lensbaby on the camera too.

Ashley Sisk

Great photos girl - something about your shapes shot that I really like.


The first one is really cool.. and I love the shapes shot, too.

And the green shot is so fun! :D


Love the long exposure shot! They are all great though!


awesome shots!!


What a great window, I love the light on that shape shot.

Stefanie Brown

I love all of these. Your shape shot is especially nice. I love the pop of green you used.
Nicely done...


Your long exposure shot is perfect. Why didn't I think of that?! Great job.


I love all your photos, they are so well thought-out and well taken!

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