Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy B-Day Mom!!

Today is my momma's birthday!!  Now, you'd think that I'd be the one cooking for her birthday, but instead she invited Dave and I out for dinner after work.  Now, that's a great mom!!

She made us a yummy supper and even whipped up a batch of homemade ice cream.  Yummers!  In the mean time I added to her birthday gift by doing some tech support.  I set up my sister's new phone and transferred her music and contacts.  It was the least I could do! :)

We had a nice little evening.  Even the boys got to take a visit to the farm.  They sure do love it there!  Ralphie loves running free so much, he just decided to take off down the lane.  I think he loves feeling the wind whip through his ears.  :)

Now it's off to prepare for another school day.  It's been a busy, yet good week.  Tomorrow is Thursday already!!  Where did the time go?

Here's a quick shot of my mom and her girls.  It's rare that I get in photos, but Dave did a great job in catch a shot of all of us.

Me, Mom, and Morgan

I love my mom.  Always have, always will.

Happy Birthday Mom!  You're the Best!


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