Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adventures in Baby Food

Being a mommy has changed me so very much... That includes what I consider to be FUN.  Our latest "entertainment" has become feeding our little Nora bean.  You never know how babies will react to new things, much less brand new FOOD!

One of the first foods we tried with N was bananas.  Out of all the baby foods that we could try, I thought these would be the most appealing for our sweetie pie.  She wasn't quite sure what she thought though...

 One thing was for sure though, she wanted to do it all by HERSELF.  I didn't think it was possible for a four month old to want independence, but she does.  Go figure!

After a few spoonfuls, she started to warm up to the whole experience.  I can't imagine how strange it is for a baby to go from drinking all of their food to actually eating off a spoon!

She just had to work her fingers into her mouth too.  They go EVERYWHERE these days!

By the time we finished we had one sticky, banana scented baby!

 Our precious pudding is the sweetest, even when she's not covered in her baby food!



Grandma Kelly

Love this and love her! You and daddy are pretty good as well!

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