Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Little Valentine

Well, we celebrated another first in the Lerch household.  Our first VALENTINE'S DAY!  It's been tough figuring out how to balance life, but we're starting to fall in step!

This Valentine's day we celebrated with Memaw Kelly and PawPaw Kim, since daddy had parent teacher conferences.  Nora got to wear her fancy valentine outfit that Nana Torrie bought her!  She loved the sparkles and tutu shirt!  (Mommy loved it too)!

We celebrated by ordering yummy Mexican food (Nora had her pears/bananas).  Nora enjoyed her jumperoo and her newest favorite DVD, "Elmo's Potty Time."  We listened to "No More Dirty Diaper Blues" and the title track, "Potty Time" all through the evening.

Nora enjoyed her gifts too!  Daddy got her a stuffed Elmo.  She didn't let go of it all night!  He did a great job picking that out!  She also got an Elmo scrubber to play with in the tub.  She's really starting to enjoy playing in her bath.  It's so sweet!!

Other than eating and chilling with Elmo, we didn't do much else.  We enjoy our calm evenings at home with Ms. Nora after a hectic day at work.  Her personality is really starting to come out, and I love being there to see it!

We love our little Valentine... I smile just thinking of all many Valentine's Days that we will get to spend with her in the future.  She is one loved little girl... THAT'S FOR SURE!

Peace, LOVE, and Elmo...


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