Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life As We Know It

Life as we know it has been CRAZY!!  It all is a good kind of crazy, but it's crazy, that's for sure!!  Not only are we wrapping up our last month of school, but we are also in the process of packing and MOVING!!  And that leads me to the NEW BLOG NAME/HEADER!!

I'm proud of say that this is no longer, "Home on North Fillmore Street", but rather, "Memories on Market".  In less than one month, are little family is moving a big ol' three blocks away!

We're so so so excited because we are seriously upgrading!!  We are over doubling our space, and let me tell ya, we need it.  It's amazing how fast baby stuff can pile up.  Well, our problem is going to be solved in the new house!  I can't wait to move in, get settled, and share our new home with you all!!  

In the mean time, I'll share some photos of our sweet Nora bean!  She's currently 7 1/2 months old, and growing like a weed, both physically and mentally.

She is currently enjoying the show "Little Einsteins" and loves her baby yogurt!!  She recently learned how to pull herself up!!  She is so tiny, but doesn't act like it.  She's one independent lady!!

These photos of her in her sweet peach romper were taken outside at our new house!!  I was so excited to do our first "photo session" at our home.  Nora was very very interested in the grass!!

Nora has been enjoying her time with her two boy cousins, Lou and Hudson.  I just know these three are going to get into some major trouble in the years to come.  The funny thing is... I can totally picture Nora being the stinker out of the three!

Nora's giggles are infectious right now!  She does is the cutest little squeal when she gets excited.  Peek-a-boo is one of her favorite games right now. :)

Cheesing for mommy!!  She already loves the camera.  She knows exactly what to do...

Well I'm off to put the little one down for sleepy time.  I can't wait to share more of our daily adventures with Ms. Nora Lane.

Peace, Love, and Baby Giggles



Kelly Lerch

Steph, I love it. :o) Love you, David and our sweet, sweet jelly bean, Nora!

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