Friday, May 10, 2013

We're Moving on Up

In just one small, teeny, tiny week, we will no longer call North Fillmore Street our home anymore.  That's right folks, it's moving time!!

We've called this cozy home our place for almost 6 years.  And we've experienced everyone of our marriage/work/family milestones under this tin roof.  That's everything from anniversaries, job losses, job successes, completion of master's degrees, discovering we were pregnant, and all of the joys and sorrows of daily married life.  That's a lot of "stuff" in just 6 short years.  

After many laughs and tears, we will be passing our home onto a new family and moving on to Market Street.  Although it's very bittersweet, I'm excited to start a new chapter of our lives under a new roof.


Because we bought our new home from my amazing aunt and uncle, we've already been slowly moving stuff in here and there.  Hopefully that'll make the BIG move next weekend not seem so daunting... hopefully!!

It's time for me to get busy PACKING!  I'll be back soon to document the move... Wish us luck!

Peace, Love, and Packing Tape



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