Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back at 2013

I can't believe we are one little day away from starting 2014... 

AMAZING!!  What an incredible year it has been for the Lerch family.  Soooo many ups, and a few downs here and there.  Overall though, what a blessed year we had.  Mostly because of this sweet little angel!

 This shot was from the FIRST WEEK in our forever home on Market Street

The Lerch Family's 2013 in a Nutshell:
Selling Our First Home
Buying Our FOREVER Home
Moving... Ahhhhh
Setting Up/Decorating Our New Home
Nora Crawling/Pulling Up
First FAMILY Vacation to Wisconsin
Nora Walking/Running
Mommy Getting Back Into Working Out
Nora's Baptism
Nora's 1st Birthday Elmo Party
Daddy Going Back to Work as a Basketball Coach

 Although it's been a crazy busy year, I wouldn't trade a day of it for the world!  Although Nora was born in 2012, I feel like 2013 was the year that I truly became a mom.  I got to see my little tiny baby grow into a sweet little girl, full of laughter and love.

Look at that smile!  It warms my heart EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Nora was about ready to take off walking!  I love her little tippy toes!

Baptism Day in her Aunt Kady's Gown

Cousin Lou's 1st Birthday Party... She had a BLAST with the Two-Man Band Playing!!

Nora and her Paw-Paw in Wisconsin... She Has Been His Special Bean Since Day 1

 It's kind of funny how looking back through the pictures on my phone really takes me through all the emotions that the past year brought.  It just reinforces my beliefs that I am blessed with an amazing life and an amazing family!

Peace, Love, and Happy Memories of 2013!



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