Friday, January 23, 2015

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Kilongkilong

June 27th, 2015.  That's the big day for Marco and Kady.


It's hard to believe that the same "little" girl that I met all those years ago (she was in 8th grade-crazy, right?) is getting ready to begin a new chapter in her life with such an amazing young man.  It's been the family joke for like ever that Kady doesn't keep boys around for too long.  We all knew the truth though... she just hadn't found the RIGHT one yet!  Fate has a funny way of working out, and God put his master plan to work in bringing Kady and Marco together.  And now it's clear to see that Kady and Marco are truly made for each other, and we just couldn't be happier to welcome Marco to our family!


I love Kady not only as my sister-in-law, but also as a TRUE friend.  So, when she asked me to be her MATRON of honor (fancy words for old lady...hehe), I was honored!  I knew that I wouldn't get to photograph their big day, BUT she and Marco did ask me to shoot an engagement session at the same location where the wedding will take place.  Yay!!


K & M will be getting married at Chaumette Winery, which is located in the rural area outside of St. Genevieve, MO.  This area is GORGEOUS, and it's known for its wineries.  As I said on the trip down, "This is like the redneck version of the Napa Valley."  I know, I'm weird.  ANYWAYS... the venue is the bomb diggity!  Seriously, it's perfect.  To top it off, we had sunny skies and 50 degrees in January!


Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect couple!


We had such an AWESOME day!  We shot photos first, did a tasting of all the wedding food options, and then enjoyed some relaxation outside with a "few" bottles of wine.  Thank you, Kady and Marco for allowing me to take your photos.  Really, it was a fabulous day.


As much as I'd like to talk all day about how much I love my family (and future family), I'm sleepy after a long day at Sesame Street Live with Ms. Nora Lane.  I'll leave you with a few more photo shares of my favorites from the day.  I have to tell you though, every shot is a favorite because you can feel how much these two love each other.  









Kady and Marco, Dave, Nora, and I love you both very much and we just couldn't be any happier for you two!

Peace, love, and wedding bells...



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