Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sesame Street Live 2015


On Friday, Memaw, Pawpaw, Mommy, Daddy, and Nora Lane packed up and head to the Peabody Opera House to attend Nora's second Sesame Street Live experience.  Memaw knew that Nora would love to see "Sesames" as we call them, so she told Santa that live tickets would be just perfect for our little lady.  


Although it's hard to tell by the look on her face, we knew that Nora would love the songs, dancing, and best of all, the characters!  You see, Nora LOVES characters that she can see in books, in toys, on tv... everywhere!  Dave and I say that she must be able to make a "connection" with her toys.  HaHa!  She just so much like her momma, it amazes me.  Even though we went to SSL last year, we knew this would be the first time she actually recognized the characters on stage.



Before the show, we loaded up on the necessary Sesame Street gear, complete with a flashing Elmo light, mini plastic characters, Elmo/Cookie Monster balloon, and little stuffed Zoe (because she doesn't have a Zoe yet!).  Yes, we are those crazy people.  We have come to peace with it, so you can think it!





Nora is such an amazing little girl.  While we waited for the show, she played with her toys and was just perfect, like always.  Just looking at her sweet little face melts my heart.  We are so blessed to have been given her as our daughter!




As the show began, Nora had to take it all in for a few minutes.  She wasn't quite sure... Especially when the characters came down the aisles.  She wasn't scared, but it took her awhile to figure it all out.



Our seats were right on the aisle (good job, Memaw), so Nora got to "meet" Zoe, Grover, and Ernie.  Pretty cool!!


Overall, she LOVED the show.  By the second half, she was in the aisle jumping and exploring (as much as mommy would let her).


After the show the whole fam went to Delmar and ate at the famously yummy, Fitz's.  Nora got to eat her favorite, fried pickles, Memaws french fries, and delicious ice cream from Mommy's orange soda float.  Not really the most nutritious meal, but hey, at least she filled her belly.  That tends to be our thoughts lately.  Feeding a two year old isn't always the easiest...


All of the fun and food made for a WORN OUT little girl.  She handled the day like a champ!  She didn't fuss one bit, but as soon as Mommy gave her cuppie and blankeys, she was O-U-T!

What a great day with our little biscuit!

Peace, love, and precious memories...


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