Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lerch Life: Reflecting on 2016, Nora Edition


Another year has come and gone.  Just like that.  It's it strange how time is relative.  As a child, the days seems to go so slowly as you are always looking forward to the next "special" day.  As a busy adult with a challenging career, lovely little human babe, and fun hobbies, I find that the days seem to fly by.  

So, here we are, the last day of 2016.

Just like every.single.year. 2016 was full of new challenges and countless blessings for the Lerch family.

Let's talk about our "little" Nora Lane.  Well, she's not so LITTLE anymore.  That is for sure.

What a GROWING year it has been for her!  I'm not just talking physical growing, although she still continues to be in the 90th percentile for her height (where she gets that DNA, I am not sure...)  2016 has been THE YEAR of her speech and communication EXPLOSION.

This was the year that she absolutely BLOOMED into the creative, hilarious, witty, and sweet as sugar little girl.  I truly believe all of these wonderful and unique qualities were just waiting to be shared with the world, and God decided that it was finally time to let her awesomeness out!

Nora accomplished so very much in this monumental year.  Here are just a few of the highlights!

*  She finished her first year of dance and performed on a stage for the first time as a cute little "penguin" (we had some tears at the end with the crowd clapping, but she powered through it)
* Finished her first full year of speech at RBES with Mrs. Eggemeyer (who she ADORED)
* She really started to COMMUNICATE for the first time (not just repeating what we would tell her)
* She showed us that she really could full on READ (I'm talking way beyond sight words)
* Started "real" preschool at Trinity Lutheran with Mrs. Ill and Ms. Angie (she LOVES her school and new friends so very much)
*  Started her second year of speech at RBES with her new teacher, Mrs. Poston (who is teaching her new techniques that are WORKING)
* She had her first vocal performance at Trinity for Thanksgiving and Christmas (she said she was PROUD of herself and so were we)
* Is FINALLY starting to produce her "S" sound through her mouth and not her nose (it's her toughest speech challenge)

This momma couldn't be any PROUDER of all Ms. Nora has accomplished this year.  It's never been an easy path, but what in life is, right?!  One thing is for sure.  Nora is LOVED and SUPPORTED more than she probably will ever know.  We will ALWAYS celebrate each an every accomplishment to its fullest because we are THANKFUL for each and every day with this little babe.

Even though we are ending 2016 with a sick little girl, I constantly remind myself that we have SOOOOO incredibly much to be thankful for.  Nora is a true gift from God, and through it all, she is the absolute light of our lives.

As Nora would say, "Adios 2016 and Hola to 2017"

Peace, love, and happy reflections on 2016



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