Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 7's Assignment: "Fly"

Day 7's Assignment:  "Fly"

Flyin' Ferd Man!

When I saw today's inspiration word was "fly", I knew I had to feature Ferdinand Lerch in my photo once again.  Not to be a one trick pony, but Ferdy is known for FLYING off the deck when we let him out in the mornings.  

A little bit of background on our sweet pups will help you understand a little better... Ralph and Ferdy are springer spaniels, and as their names suggest, they are supposed to "spring" birds up for hunters.  Now, we are not hunters by any means, so any chance Ferdy gets (like in the early mornings) to spring up birds (or squirrels, or frogs, or anything), he takes it!

A typical morning involves Ferdy waking up around five and crying at the foot of the bed until one of us wakes up.  Once he sees momma or daddy pop and eye open, he then runs to the door and cries there until we finally give in and meet him in the kitchen.  As we unlock the door, he wiggles and squirms, whining the entire time.  The second that door is cracked open... well the picture explains it all!

By the way... You may be wondering if Ralphie is the same way, and the answer is NO.  He will stay in bed and sleep all day.  We call him our lazy bones.

As you can now see, we have one of the world's only "flying" dogs!  



That is too funny! Adorable pups too!

Tammy Lee Bradley

Fantastic Action Shot! Love it! ♥ tlb

Sarah P.

That is excellent! My dog does that too, it's hilarious.

R Montalban

Fantastic shot, love it!




My dog is more like lazy bones...we could never get her to do that. What a great action shot!


Love the shot

Diana Joy

That's a fabulous photo of your flying dog. Cute tale you shared also; thanks.


this is a great pic!it made me think of the cartoon about a superhero dog(wonderdog I think).All your dog need was a red cape and hes all set to save the world.LOVE IT

Purple Dreams

Awesome flying!!


What a fun photo! Makes me smile and miss my pup.

Maria Ontiveros

Fantastic approach to the prompt and great picture!

Sarah C

What a fantastic photograph. Well done on getting outside before Ferdy so you could take this x

The Hollywood Memoirs

Great capture! My dog loves to "fly" down the stairs, too. Isn't the funniest thing?


WOW! Great capture!

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