Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa's Magical Kingdom

Last night Dave, the pups, and myself took a visit to the nearby Santa's Magical Kingdom.  Last year we took our pups and we continued our tradition last night by packing up the Jeep and taking a little drive.  This year we made a promise to ourselves to be more spontaneous now that our master's degrees are finished and we have more "free" time.  So, last night when Dave got home from his kids' basketball game, we decided to head out into the chilly night air!

Anytime we take the pups anywhere with us, we have to spoil them by folding down the back seats, so they have the entire back of the Jeep to stretch out in.  Last night they were even more pampered and got an old comforter laid out with a couple pillows.  To justify my pups' spoiling, it was over an hour drive one way... so it doesn't sound as bad then.  I grabbed my snowman throw blanket off the couch, grabbed a coffee from Mickey D's, and off we went!

As the Christmas tunes were playing on the radio, we drove into a winter wonderland of lights...

Santa's Magical Kingdom

I could have walked through the park and snapped a million photos, but it's tough to get good shots in a car that doesn't stop moving.  Oh well! :)

Christmas Fun

Throughout the park there are silly cartoon characters dating all the way back to the Ninja Turtles and dinosaurs from We're Back.  Most people probably don't even know the movie "We're Back", but Dave and I recognized them the second we saw them!!  We were like kids in a candy store... I'm so glad that both of us enjoy it so much.  Let me not leave out Ralph and Ferdy... they slept the entire time!!  It was soooo cute the way they cuddled up with each other and their blanket.   So sweet!

I love the little extra bit of happiness in my heart during this time of year!




So beautiful

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