Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 52: Week 1 {Resolution}

It's 2012! 
That means it's time for reflection & the start of new things!

This year I'm going to {try to} complete a PROJECT 52.  That means taking a photo/week and attempting to center that photo on a theme of the week.  Last year I thought about trying this project, but was still learning so much about photography & editing.  This year, I'm ready for it!

To make this project even more exciting, Sarah Cornish, of My Four Hens Photography is hosting a group on Flickr dedicated to Project 52.  She is giving us all an inspirational theme of the week to follow.  I'm super excited to participate in the project, and if you're into Flickr, check out the group page where I, and other participants, will be posting their weekly entries.

Now on to Week 1's entry!


I like to be more interpretive in my photos, so let me explain my photo.  My resolution this year, and frankly almost every year, is to work enjoying EVERY DAY.  I know many people share my sentiment in that we sometimes get hung up on day-to-day "things" that don't really matter.  I've been working on my daily outlook and trying so hard to stay positive.  

Each Day is a Gift
This year I'm going to tell myself that every day.

Now I'm off to enjoy the first day of 2011.  We're heading to Dave's mom and dad's for a relaxing day of board games & homemade Chinese food.  

I wish you all a happy day and better yet, a wonderful 2012!

"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more."  
*Tony Robbins


If you want to learn more about My Four Hens Photography, check out Sarah's Facebook page.  She's extremely active and truly a sweet lady (not to mention an AMAZING lifestyle photographer)!!


Denise Burridge

Hello! Looking forward to seeing your project 52 photographs! Happy New Year from Okinawa, Japan! prosperity, peace and love

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